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Petcube Play review

Petcube play

Earlier this month we were contacted by Petcube asking if we would review their latest product called Petcube Play.

Petcube Play is the next-generation of the Petcube Camera, the original interactive pet camera launched by the San Francisco startup in 2014. It helps cat owners to see, talk and have fun with their cats from their smartphone anytime, anywhere.

Redesigned to be more compact, Petcube Play promotes real-time play and exercise with an optimised laser toy, and autoplay mode enables regular playtime when owners’ busy schedules get in the way. Petcube Play’s wide angled camera comes with features, including clear 1080p HD video, 24/7 video recording, 3x digital zoom, two-way audio, sound and motion alerts, and night vision.

Petcube started selling Petcube Play in mid-November 2016, following a Kickstarter campaign in July-September 2016.

Out of the Box

When Petcube Play arrived it was well packaged and nicely presented. It came in a very sturdy box with no damage. Everything was easy to find.

Once we took it out of the box, our first impressions were the device looks a nice piece of kit – compact, well built, and solid to hold. The one we received for review came in a nice silver colour, (also available in black or rose gold), with dimensions a 3 x 3 x 3 inch cube.

Set Up

Setting it up was a bit daunting to be honest. The accompanying instruction manual was a bit vague and could have been clearer.  We were confused about the difference between PetCube and PetCube Camera. Green light issues were confusing at first due to what turned out to be a faulty adapter plug but that was soon remedied. We emailed Petcube customer support for help and received brilliant feedback within 24 hours, which got us us up and running.

Petcube Play connects to your Wi-Fi network and this was plug and play, very easy.

iOS and Android App

The iOS app (there is also an Android app) is very easy to understand. The camera interface is brilliant with laser and sound setup really easy indeed, well impressed. There was a small sound delay when talking via the app to our cats Scarlett and Pimpernel but all good otherwise.

Best Feature

The best best feature for us is the laser option interface, which is utterly brilliant! Being able to drag the laser with use of your finger via the app around the walls and floors of your home is a utterly brilliant feature, which our cats Scarlett and Pimpernel loved playing with. It drove them crazy!

Scarlett and Pimpernel loved PetCube Play, eventually. They were a little bit confused when I was talking to them via the microphone but the voice was clear enough for them to react.

Worst Feature

Worst feature has to be the sound delay with the two-way audio, but that is being pedantic really, a second or so is no big deal.

Pussycat Friends Verdict

We would definitely recommend PetCube Play to other cat owners. It retails at $179.00, (£143.40 GBP), which is a bit pricey and we think this price tag may well put some people off.  However, it is cheaper than some similar products on the market.

We think the play features are excellent for cats and may play a role in combating obesity. Our cats were certainly energised by the laser and got more activity than they normally would.

We also think Petcube Play is a good idea if you are out at work all day as you are able to check in on what your cat is up to any time. Being able to interact and play with them remotely as well is a nice bonus. For busy people autoplay mode enabling regular playtime is especially good.

In a nutshell, Petcube Play has an impressive range of features and it does what it says on the tin.

Marks out of 10

For PetCube Play we give it a promising 8 out of 10.  We would have given it a higher score if the price was more competitive.

Petcube Play is available on petcube.com, Amazon, Best Buy, Brookstone, Petco and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Pussycat Friends Petcube play for cats review verdict

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