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Changing trends in cat care

Are you taking your cat on holiday with you? Feeding her only naturally? You are not the only one! Zara Lewis takes a look at the latest trends in cat care.

Changing trends in cat care

The times are changing, and it would seem that our pets are becoming even more important to us than they ever were. The number of households owning a pet cat is rising, and this doesn’t seem all that surprising given the fact that cats are pretty amazing. They’re our furry balls of snuggle and excitement, and we want to give them the best possible care. The depth of their loyalty and affection for you is so pure and honest, that it’s very difficult not to count your kitten as one of the family members. Want to know how to better care for your darling kitty? Then let’s take a look at the popular trends and novelties in the world of cat care.

Travelling with cats

Our pet is generally the first family member we start to miss when we go away on vacation. More and more people don’t want to leave their best friends with pet sitters anymore, so there’s a rising trend of pet-friendly travel. A lot of hotels now have the option of letting your cat come with you, and there are sites that let you find vacation spots and accommodations that will suit your needs. Miss that purring in the morning? Then take your cat with you and enjoy the perfect holiday.

Natural cat products

From skin care, to food, people are very concerned about the kind of products they use on themselves, and now we’re extending the same kind of consideration to our pets. There’s a huge demand for organic products, and only natural pet food is one of the most popular, and healthiest things you can get for your cat. Organic flea and tick repellents, natural-fibre toys, grooming products, all of this is trending right now. Organic food is a great idea for anyone who wants all natural ingredients, especially if your kitty is sensitive to the regular stuff you feed them.

Close communities

With the rise of social media, pet owners now find it easier than ever to connect with each other. There’s a growing community of people who want to be surrounded by support and have someone who shares their interests. It’s easy to ask for advice now, to voice concerns, or to simply share pictures of your cat. This trend is mostly good for pets because it makes their issues more visible, and gives people the chance to see how important animals are, and how we must treat them with kindness. There’s also a rising tide of activism, and people supporting animal adoption and condemning practices such as puppy mills and animal abuse.

Better cat healthcare

Most people understand the benefits of owning a cat on their own health, and since there’s a growing number of cat owners, health insurance is now becoming more easily available. There’s also a higher number of people entering vet school, and vet services are cheaper across the country. Rehabilitation centres and physical therapy for animals is on the rise as well. Regular vet visits are now the norm, and we’re looking at the future where we can afford our cats all that they need to live long, healthy lives.

Technological advancements

Unsurprisingly, technology is making our lives easier even when it comes to cat care. Online pet shops selling cat accessories are saving our precious time whenever we run out of cat food or any other supplies. Many tech innovations facilitate pet ownership and make cat care less stressful than it sometimes can be. From GPS systems that let you track your cat so they don’t get lost, to pet cameras that show you what they’ve been up to while you were away.


Pampering our cat is something every pet owner loves to do. It’s not just about buying new toys to amuse them either, cat grooming is now very popular as well. People love scheduling appointments in professional pet salons and leaving their cat in the hands of professional stylists. Glossy, luscious fur is the result, with no fuss for the owner who has to hold down their mewling, panicked pet every time bath time approaches. This is a booming industry that only shows us that we are very willing to go far to keep our animal companions happy.

People keep spending more money on their cats, it would seem. Why? Because cats are absolute gems, and we enjoy seeing them happy and healthy. Pets are our family, and we want them to feel loved and cherished, so it’s pretty swell that we have a rising trend of positivity, and that we create even closer bonds with our loyal buddies.

Zara Lewis is a regular contributor at highstylife.com and a full time animal lover. Passionate about creating a better world for the generations to come, she is a mum of two, raising them inseparably from their furry family members.


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