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5 ways to bond with a new kitten

You've got a new kitten and you want it grow into a loving, happy member of your family. Barbara Carmichael offers some expert tips on how to form an emotional bond with a kitten

bonding with a Kitten

You’re bringing your new little kitten home with you and you can’t stop gushing about this new little furball that already fills your heart with love. You envision your future together and want the best for your kitten’s physical and emotional health, so what are your next steps to ensuring the best emotional bond between you and your new companion? Here are 5 proven ways to bond with your new kitten that will have lifelong positive effects for the both of you!

1. Give your kitten a new name

new Kitten name

When you bring home a new kitten, one of the most exciting things is giving your cat a name. By giving your new kitten a name, you’re essentially telling the world that this is the name you’ve chosen and that you’re going to provide for this sweet new kitten. In some cultures, the naming ritual is a very significant and important part of a new family member’s life. So be sure you name your kitten something that not only suits him or her but is also something you’ll enjoy using frequently. Before you can really bond with your kitten, you’ll need something to call her! Choosing a cute cat name for your new fur-baby is most important at this point. A few things you can look at that can help you determine a good name for your kitten could be things such as habits, personality and physical attributes.

2. Spend time playing

two kittens playing

When bonding with a new kitten, the more time you can spend giving attention to the little one the better. Playing, interacting and petting your kitten shows them that you are present in their life and that you continue to be as the days go on. It also keeps them from getting bored and being naughty! They will soon learn that you are a source of affection, love, and safety and they will want to spend more time with you. Just remember that cats prefer soft and gentle affection. If you’ve ever had a dog, you know that you can be a little rough and tumble with them. Not so, with cats — they need gentle, quiet and loving affection so as not to trigger their sensitive anxieties.

3. Cuddle

cuddling a kitten

This could fall under the ‘spend time with your kitten’ category, but cuddling is essential. Just as babies can die without physical affection, a cat’s demeanor later in life can ultimately be determined by how it was raised. A kitten that doesn’t receive many cuddles can turn out be more aloof and anti-social, whereas a kitten that is used to be helding and around other animals can grow up to be perfectly fine with both. Think of it this way, the more love you put into the kitten the more love you’ll get out of the cat! As you two grow older together, you’ll find that your cat can provide an enormous amount of emotional support for you throughout the ups and downs of life.

4. Be present for food or treats

Just as it’s hard for us humans to dislike anyone that gives us food, kittens also appreciate the source from where the food comes from. Be sure to reward your kitten with treats when they are being good so that they know you are a source of pleasure. Also be sure you talk to them when you feed them food so they know that you are aware of what you are doing. Speak to them in a loving way as they receive the nourishment that you are giving them. Be sure you don’t hover, though, as this can sometimes cause stress to a feline.

5. Talk to your new kitten

talking to a kitten

Speaking softly and sweetly to your kitten is one of the ways to really increase the emotional bond between the two of you. Say their name out loud so they can get used to their name and also used to your voice. As the weeks pass and your sweet little kitten grows, they will soon come to know their name and come to adore you just as much as you adore him or her. When sitting with your kitten, give him soft blinks as it is a way to save “I love you” in ‘cat language’. These precious moments instill love in both of you thereby creating a bond stronger than you could ever imagine.

As your kitten ages and you grow closer to each other, remember these 5 ways to bond with your kitten and continue to do with your adult cat. There is no such thing as having too much love for a cat or kitten and the impact it can have on your emotional well-being and physical health can be paramount.

Barbara Carmichael is a cat lover and mother of two sweet cats named George and Flitt. When not spending time with her family, you can find her outdoors enjoying nature and taking walks with friends.

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