The Story of Piggy The Cat

  • Piggy. Not a very graceful name for a feline, let alone the title of a cat book! As you can imagine, Piggy is named for her portly size.piggy the cat She was rescued from abandonment and hunger several years ago and found a forever home with my son, Matt. It seems a cat who’s been subjected to not having enough food, tends to make up for it by eating. . . pretty much. . . all the time.

    The idea to create a book for my son’s beloved cat came to me as she gained popularity on Matt’s YouTube channel. You see my son is a semi-viral YouTuber who makes videos about winning at claw machines. You heard me correctly, claw machines. Ever since he was a child, he’s been obsessed with them and as a grown adult, he purchased his own and began filming himself teaching kids how to win and introducing them to his adorable cat, Piggy.

    Piggy gained such popularity with some of her antics that Matt’s fans began sending her gifts, letters and drawings through the mail. We created a Facebook page for her so that people could read her daily musings.

    It was about this time I began thinking of giving back to the fans, something they could read and imagine about fictional adventures Piggy might have. The idea came to me of creating a book not only for children, but cat lovers and anyone who likes a darn good “tail.” I wanted to convey a story which would be amusing, but also teach a lesson on getting along with those who are different from us. Thus Piggy the book was born!

    Piggy’s best friend is an adventurer, Melvin the mouse. And although mice and cats don’t usually get along in the real world, these two bonded over their love of food. At first Piggy is not happy that a mouse is stealing treats in Matt’s kitchen. But when she chases him one day and Melvin climbs up into a claw machine and Piggy goes after him, well, let’s just say you have to read the book to see the bargain she strikes up with Melvin if he will help her get out of there. There’s a great villain, bad cat, Bolivar and other animals who add to the story’s excitement. Adventurous Melvin finds himself in some scary situations and only Piggy may be able to save him.

    I was fortunate to meet a local publisher at a writer’s course I took in a town near mine. Over several weeks I learned to better my writing and all about publishing a book. There are many ways to have books published these days, and plenty of people do it themselves on Createspace. I, however, am not tech savvy. I like to rely upon another to format and get it all ready for me. I chose Tuxedo & Beans Publishing of Murrysville, Pennsylvania. It’s good to have someone who lives near me as I began finalizing the book. We were able to meet many times and talk over ideas and changes to make the story better.

    I’ve found that people really are enjoying the book and they aren’t just my son’s fans. It seems there is a whole cat community out there who loves cat stories of all kinds. I know some wonderful cat authors who write true cat books, but Piggy is a little different since it is fictional though we use real characters in it.

    This is one of the reviews we just got on Amazon. This reader saw exactly what I’d hoped to convey with the story: "This book was so enjoyable!! I read through this book quickly because every time I stopped reading it to go do something I HAD to do,(work) I couldn't wait to get back to see how things worked out for Piggy, Melvin and the gang! I have recommended this book to several of my friends, even those who have no children, because this book gives a great lesson to all people of all ages. This book teaches you compassion for all beings, no matter how different they are from you, it teaches you how you should always help out one another and show love to each other no matter if you are different from one another."

    It is my hope that others will come away from Piggy’s story feeling the same way. The book is available as an Ebook or in paperback.

    Piggy by Karen Malena is available through Amazon and Tuxedo & Beans