Plans For A Cat Cafe Condemned

  • Plans for a new cat cafe where people can drink coffee and de-stress in the company of cats have come under attack from Cats Protection the UK's leading cat welfare charity. 

    cat cafe

    Liz Dyas wants to open Britain's first cat cafe in the Devon town of Totnes. She told BBC News: "The idea really is to provide a beautiful, comfortable, quiet lounge where people can come if they'd like to and sit amongst the cats."

    But Cats Protection are oposed to the plans, claiming it would be stressful for the animals. A spokeswoman said: "Having quite a large number of cats within a confined space with different people coming and going would actually be very, very stressful for cats."

    Cat cafes, perhaps not surprisingly, started in Japan where there are more than forty, and there also similar cafes in Russia and Austria. 

    The application for the cat cafe in Totnes will go before planners later this month. South Hams District Council told the BBC it was unable to comment on the application.

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