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  • October 18, 2014
    Posted by Karen Malena
    Piggy. Not a very graceful name for a feline, let alone the title of a cat book! As you can imagine, Piggy is named for her portly size. She was rescued from abandonment and hunger several years ago and found a forever home with my son, Matt. It seems a cat who’s been subjected to not hav...
  • Check out how these two lovely young cats called Scarlet and Pimpernel love playing with each other! She seeks you here, she seeks you there, she seeks you everywhere! If you want to share your own cute cat videos with the world join Pussycat Friends for free today! 
  • Check out how this cute cat called Fionek loves nothing more than eating her dinner with her paws! Does your cat have a special talent? View and share more videos of cats on Pussycat Friends Sign up for free today!